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Mary Favret and Constance Furey

Simon Stern at the 2013 Workshop


2019: Falsehood, Forgeries, and Fraud: The Fake Eighteenth Century

2018: Privilege and Protocol

2017: Number, Measure, Scale

2016: Eighteenth-Century Futures

2015: The Eighteenth Century: Who Cares?

2014: Eighteenth-Century Hospitalities

2013: For Instance... Eighteenth-Century Exemplarity, its Practice and Limits

2012: Play in the Eighteenth Century—The Eighteenth Century in Play

2011: The Eighteenth-Century Unconscious

2010: Forms of Life in the Eighteenth Century

2009: Mixed Media, Mixed Messages: Eighteenth-Century Media and Mediality

2008: New Directions in Eighteenth-Century Studies

2007: Sensing and Feeling: the Embodiment of 18th-Century Experience

2006: Lines of Amity, Lines of Enmity

2005: Custom, Ritual, Habit, Fetish

2004: Geographies of the Eighteenth Century

2003: Death in the Eighteenth Century

2002: Signs of the Self

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