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banquet, 2013 Workshop







May 10-May 12, 2017. Participation is limited to those on the program and others who have registered in advance. To register, please go to this website maintained by the University. (Cost: $50 for faculty; $30 for grad students. Credit/Debit card or internal billing only; no cash or checks.) All sessions will take place in the Distinguished Alumni Room (IMU).

Weds., May 10; 1:00-1:30 Welcome and introductions

Weds., May 10; 1:30-2:30 

  • Sarah Huebsch (Music, Indiana University), “’Eighty Pulse Beats to a Minute’: Johann Joachim Quantz and Time in Music” [performance]
  • Chair: Roman Ivanovitch (Music Theory, Indiana University)

Weds., May 10; 2:30-4:00

  • Michael Gavin (English, University of South Carolina), “The Mathematical Structure of Geographic Description”
  • Nick Valvo (English, Northwestern University), “Scale, Sentiment, and Sociability"
  • Comment: Richard Nash (English, Indiana University)

Weds., May 10; 4:30-6:00

  • Nick Paige (French, University of California-Berkeley), “The Novel by Numbers"
  • Chair: Hall Bjørnstad (French and Italian, Indiana University)

Weds., May 10; 7:30-9:30. Potluck Dinner at the home of Professors Kenshur and Gray.

Thursday, May 11

Thurs., May 11; 9:00-10:15

  • Simon DeDeo (Social and Decision Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University) and Rebecca Spang (History, Indiana University), "How Surprising Was the French Revolution?"

  • Chair: Fritz Breithaupt (Germanic Studies, Indiana University)

Thurs., May 11; 10:30-12:00 (Distinguished Alumni Room, IMU)

  • Elizabeth Bond (History, Ohio State University), “Responding to Print in Ages of Information Overload"
  • Melanie Conroy (French, University of Memphis), “Networks of the Enlightenment: French Salons and Academies as Networks"

  • Comment: Rob A. Schneider (History, Indiana University)

Thurs., May 11, 12:00-1:30
Lunch—various commercial options ("It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest." The Wealth of Nations)

Thurs., May 11 1:30-3:00

  • Sarah Grandin (History of Art, Harvard University), “Sowing to Scale in the Parterre de broderie"
  • Ayana Okeeva Smith (Musicology, Indiana University), "Measuring the Heavens: Ocular Devices and Operatic Truth in Arcadian Rome"

  • Comment: Bret Rothstein (Art History, Indiana University)

Thurs., May 11, 3:15-5:30

  • Rachel Feder (English, University of Denver), “'Or else she were alone': Infinity Discourse and the Ethics of Counting"
  • Justin Roberts (History, Dalhousie University), "'Keep Numbers of Them Alive': Counting People and Populations on British Caribbean Sugar Plantations"
  • Ryan Sheldon (English, SUNY-Buffalo), “Policing by Numbers: Plague, Political Arithmetic, and Numerical Argument"

  • Comment: Rachel Seiler-Smith (English, Indiana University)

Thurs., May 11; 7:00 for 7:30
Banquet, Le Petit Café (308 W. Sixth Street)

Fri., May 12, 9:00-10:30

  • Brad Pasanek (English, University of Virginia), “Heaps of Heaps: Accumulating Verse"
  • Timothy Campbell (English, University of Chicago) "Eighteenth-Century Dress and the Arts of Measure"
  • Comment: Mark Vareschi (English, University of Wisconsin).

Fri., May 12, 10:45-12:00

  • Mary Favret (English, Johns Hopkins University), Final Comment

    Chair: Jonathan Elmer (English, Indiana University)



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